Saturday, June 11, 2016


Remaining debt free (Except for my mortgage) is HARD!  There are so many temptations out in the world that make me want to spend money and finance things!

For example, I really want to buy new furniture, pretty much for the whole house, but I don't have enough money saved.  However, all of these furniture stores have amazing Memorial Day and Labor sales!! My credit score is high and I would qualify for all sorts of amazing low or 0% deals on furniture. Somehow, I have managed to stick to my guns and I have not yet financed anything, but every time I see an ad...I start to salivate a little. 

Also, since my recent vehicle scare- I have been noticing all of the nice, shiny, new cars around me.  It would be so easy to buy a new car.  I just would instantly regret the monthly payment!!

Temptation is everywhere and all around me.  It's so hard to resist.  I am now realizing how people can fall into an entitlement mentality. I have been working exceptionally hard lately at work.  I worked all of last weekend and I will work most of this weekend.  I will probably have to work the weekend after that. I won't receive a raise or a bonus.  I won't even get a thank you.   It's extremely stressful and it would be nice to come home to a nice comfortable bed (instead of my 14 year old bed and mattresses).  Yet, I realize that I am not entitled to a new furniture and that I can save up and buy it when I have the money.  I will continue to resist the temptation, as I would rather have some financial security and, hopefully one day, financial independence!

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