Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Work Updates

Work has been stressful lately.  Very stressful, it makes me really want to figure out what I truly want to do with my life.  My boss continues not to do his job which causes problems for me.  The partner in the South/Central Florida office called today and was angry that a report did not go out as required.  She also claimed the report was not in the format required by the client.  I spoke to her calmly for a few minutes and by the end of the conversation she agreed that she would go back and double check on the report when she got back to the office.  In meanwhile, I forwarded her the email from my boss to me laying out the requirements for the report, a copy of the report and a copy of the email from me to my boss sending him a draft report 3 months again.  I waited all day to hear from her and I did not.  I debated whether to call her and point out her mistake, but decided against it.

The next morning I finally heard from her.  She admitted she made a mistake and asked me to change the report to fit the requirements of the next required report.  Later, both partners and I had a telephone call to discuss the issue.  I didn't say anything, but I was angry.  I do a lot for the firm (both offices) and I thought she should have given me the benefit of the doubt before getting upset with me.  I am in no way perfect, but I generally will follow the rules laid out for me.  I felt ambushed ( I won't go into details, but it seems she spent some time trying to gather evidence that I was in the wrong) and I was vindicated in the end.  However, this just reminded me that I have no future at this law firm and I need to take the first good opportunity to leave. It also taught me that she can't be trusted.  I definitely won't be confiding in her anymore with regard to the problems in the North Florida office. She will be on her own as to figuring out and resolving problems with my boss.  I also won't be volunteering to assist with projects down there anymore.  I'm not looking to invite more problems my way.

All that being said, I did receive a check for my March and April  travel voucher reimbursements today.  That was unexpected and fairly timely.  Let's see how the reimbursement for May travel goes.

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