Thursday, December 18, 2014


My boss and I spoke briefly on Monday and I reiterated that I was still unhappy.  I told him since our last conversation nothing had changed.  He didn't do anything to implement my idea for a new division after stating that he would, he continued to be absent from the office, he continued to drop assignments on me on the due date, he continued to argue with me about projects (rather than working with me or having a productive conversation), etc.  He has a very bad habit of attacking people in a conversation, rather than simply asking questions.  This behavior is applied equally office-wide to every employee.  He acknowledged the behavior, but nothing more.  Indicative of his lack of change is an argument we had on Tuesday wherein he accused me of doing something wrong, he was very condescending in his comments.  I told him it was right and that it was a basic element of Florida law that he should know (I've only been practicing 9.5 years and all).  After the conversation I sent him a rule proving that I was right.  He did not apologize, but did admit that I was right.

Then, yesterday, he called (from home) and said that he wanted to use my picture and bio in some marketing materials.  I told him no.  He was upset that I didn't want to be included in the marketing materials.  He realized that I may be thinking about leaving the firm.  He, however, included me anyways and had his assistant forward it to the printer.  I don't care if he uses my information in the materials, I just don't want him to waste time including me in the materials since I don't know how much longer I will be working for the firm.

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