Monday, December 15, 2014

The deed is done

I just submitted my resume and cover letter for the recent job that posted.  I am excited, because even if I don't get an interview (and believe me the job market here is tight) I feel like I am doing something to achieve my goal. Also, I like submitting resumes because, if I don't get interviews, that serves as a flag to me that maybe I need to change something on my resume or that maybe there is a typo that I missed.

We are not getting Christmas bonuses this year (surprise, surprise) and that's a little disappointing, but it was never expected. After, I spoke with my boss a few months ago ( I think in October) he mentioned the possibility of a raise.  Nothing has materialized. The lack of a raise and now confirmation that we are not getting Christmas bonuses is telling.  My last raise was 2 years ago, the only raise that I have received at this firm (I have been here 3.5 years).  As I have stated previously my boss' secretary has received numerous raises in her 4 years of employment at the firm.  No one else has received such frequent raises- not even the paralegal that has been here over 20 years.  The lack of a raise is very frustrating to me: First, I out bill everyone else in the firm.  We do insurance defense work and the business model is: we do the work and bill the insurance company for the work we do based on an hourly rate.  Every attorney is required to  submit timesheets for the work that is completed.  I out bill everyone in both offices. Secondly, since my last raise I have been tasked with handling ALL of the appellate work out of both offices.  Thirdly, my boss' assistant has worked at the firm for about 6 months longer than me and has received approximately 6 (that's a pure guess, I have lost track) raises in the 4 years she has worked there.  She last received a raise in December 2013. She often complains how bored she is at work and has developed quite a attendance problem.

These are the reasons (among other reasons) why I am looking for new employment.  This is a cycle for me.  I always end up taking on extra projects at work without being compensated and then I end up frustrated.  I need to find a way to break the cycle.