Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Interview

I was so shocked that I got an interview  because I have no experience in the areas of law that the firm practices in.  I just figured I would apply for the sake of applying and take any lack of interest as either a mistake on my resume or my lack of experience in the area.  I just needed to test out my new updated resume. 

Well the new resume worked, my interview was yesterday afternoon and I think it went ok.  My interviewer was late and we did the interview in a big open conference room.  (Very nice office-by the way).  He did not have any materials with him because he was late-but I had prepared a packet for him to review and gave it to him upon his arrival.  He was nice, funny, friendly, but seemed a bit distracted. The interview was fairly short-not more than 25 minutes.  I think I did most of the talking and asking questions, honestly.  I really felt like I was interviewing him. 

I like the model of the firm- everyone gets a decent basic salary when they start.  Salaries don't really increase over time-but the firm gives large bonuses at the end of every year.  According to my interviewer often times the bonuses are bigger than the employees salary for a month.  The bonuses are based on merit, essentially, everyone is not entitled to the same bonus.  I like that structure because I'm a hard worker and (since I'm single with no kids) I have nothing else to do, but work.  He said if you are doing well he would make sure you are making more money every year.   He was hard to read and I was a bit off kilter since he was late and had time to get more nervous and worry.  So, all I can say is that it went okay.  There were no major foibles.  I will let you know the result as soon as I know- which probably won't be until January.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  In the meantime I will keep looking for a new job.


  1. Finger crossed! I hope you got it!

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