Sunday, April 26, 2015

Interview #2

I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon.  Usually by now I would be stressing out about an interview, but for someone reason, today, I am not.  I am going to put together some interview packets with my resume and writing sample and hope for the best.  I have researched this company on the internet, but there's not much out there.  I plan to ask for a pretty high salary despite the benefits offered by this potential employer.  This company has a retirement plan with a match and I am super excited about the possibility of being able to start participating in retirement savings again.

However, I'm not super interested in this position, but after the last blow up with my boss I decided just to apply for the job because I am qualified for the position. It seems this position would be limited to labor and employment law and I like the idea of being able to practice in a variety of areas, so I won't be upset if I am not offered the position.

While I am expecting a lot of backlash once my boss finds out about this interview- I tend to think that he probably won't say a word to me. He typically avoids confrontation. 

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