Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Job Market

For some reason this Spring, the job market seems to have picked up a little bit.  There have been quite a few jobs posted lately.  Well, maybe not quite a few but a few more than usual. That being said I still have to parse out the jobs that I am qualified for so as not to waste my time or the potential employer's time.  I have applied for 2 jobs- 1 at a large regional law firm and 1 for the city I live in.  The city job has advertised the position since at least January, so apparently the city does not move quickly.  The large law firm began advertising at the beginning of March and the ad ran for a month.  I have not heard from either- but I'm still hoping for good news.

I decided not to apply for a job with a local college (general counsel's office) because I just did not like the idea of being around young college aged kids.  (Boy, did that sound old or what!!) I also decided not to apply for a job with a recovery company.  The company, I believe collects credit card debt.  Neither of those positions really interested me.  I have also declined to apply for any of the state government jobs that have been posted.  I worked for the state right out of law school and I really did not like the bureaucracy of state government (I'll admit I was a bit hesitant to apply for the city job).

The last category of jobs that I have encountered have been nonprofits. There is currently a nonprofit that is advertising a position.  I think I am going to apply.  I have never worked for a nonprofit company, but I think I would like to try.  I have asked around and my understanding is that nonprofits are very political and the legal department is often caught in the middle.  I like the idea of becoming more involved with the political aspect of the nonprofits mission and thus, only having to deal with a limited amount of the bureaucracy of government.

Wish me luck in the continuing job search!!

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