Saturday, January 16, 2016


Yesterday was payday and I made a large payment on my one remaining student loan.  I used the entire $400 I received in travel voucher reimbursements, the $1622 I budgeted for the payment and the excess money I had left from last budget period.  The total payment amounted to $2,154!  That payment brought the balance down to $1,693 (with interest calculated through 1/31/16)!!!  I am paid up for over 9 years, my next payment is not due until May 16, 2025!!

 Literally, only $1,693 stands between me and being DEBT FREE (except for my mortgage)!!  I am pushing my pessimism aside and I am going to be debt free by the end of this month! If I am able to pay this off at the end of this month, I will have cut over 14 years off of the original repayment plan!

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