Saturday, January 30, 2016

Taking Care of Things

Now that I have paid off that nasty, hairy student loan I have been more willing to purchase the little things that are needed around the house.  I used to put off the little things so that I could save more money to put towards the student loans.  For example, I purchased a new litter mat for my cats. In store the mat costs $40 (petsmart).  I found it on Amazon for $26 (taxes included).  I needed a new mat because my cats like to claw the mat and rip it to shreds.  Until they began ripping it, it worked like a charm to cut down on the litter that they would spread across the room.

I also finally ordered a new filter for the refrigerator.  Of course, now that I ordered it, it's been back ordered.  Sigh. 

The last thing I ordered was a new set of checks.  I moved into this house 2.5 years ago and never had new checks printed.  I found some inexpensive checks online for a total of $15.93 (checks, taxes and shipping).  Bank of America was charging over $25 for the same amount of checks! 

Now, here's the confession.  I feel guilty for spending the money.  I have the money in my budget, but I still feel inclined to save and sacrifice. I should have saved some of that money to be used to replace the money I took out of savings to pay off the loan.  I can't wait for this weird mindset to dissipate so that I feel okay spending a little.  

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